US business inventories for March 2 .0% vs. 1.9% estimate

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US business inventories

US business inventories for March 2022
  • Prior report 1.5% revised to 1.8%
  • US business inventories for March 2022 2.0% vs 1.9% estimate
  • March inventories t$2324,2 billion vs. $2279.5 billion in February (revised)
  • Business inventories are up 14.7% from March 2021
  • manufacturing inventories were up 1.3%, retail inventories were up 2.3%, and merchant wholesalers were up 2.3%. Him and him
  • Trade sales and shipments were up 1.8% and up 14.1% from March 2021
  • Manufacturer sales were up 2.3% while retail sales were up 1.3% and Merchant wholesalers were up 1.7%
  • inventory to sales ratio 1.27, unchanged from prior month

Looking at some of the component pieces:

  • motor vehicle and parts inventories rose 1.6%. Year on year motor vehicle and part dealers are down -3.1%
  • furniture, home furnishings, electrical and appliance store inventories were up 5.3%. Year on year up 28.1%
  • building materials, garden equipment and supplies up 2.0%. Year on year up 20.1%
  • food and beverage the stores up 2.0%. Year on year up 8.1%
  • clothing stores up 4.1%. Year on year up 19.0%
  • general merchandise stores up 2.4%. Year on year up 25.6%

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