The top five things to know about Saxo Bank

Dayana Jones

Saxo Bank has earned a reputation as one of the leading online trading platforms for retail and professional clients, offering products from forex to equities. It is well-regarded in the industry for its competitive pricing, reliable technology, and user-friendly platform. To make the most out of Saxo Bank’s various financial services, traders should understand critical details about this broker, such as cost structure, instruments available, research tools provided, account types offered, and other features they offer.

Cost structure

Saxo Bank offers competitive fees and spreads on trades. The cost of trading with this broker is determined by the type of product you are dealing in, whether it be forex, equities, or options. The fees will vary depending on the market, but generally, traders can expect to pay a commission fee, a per-trade fee and an exchange rate spread. Saxo Bank charges for account maintenance and other services, such as charting tools.

Instruments available

Saxo Bank provides access to various financial instruments, including foreign exchange, stocks, futures, options, and more. The platform also allows for trading with margin and CFD (Contract for Difference). Traders can use the broker’s advanced charting tools and real-time news updates to get the best possible prices on their trades.

Research tools provided

Saxo Bank has various research tools available to traders, such as company profiles, analyst ratings, and technical analysis information. Additionally, Saxo Bank offers free webinars that focus on risk management and trading psychology.

Company profiles

Company profiles provide traders with valuable information on a particular company. It includes financial statements, news announcements, analyst ratings and more.

Analyst ratings

Analyst ratings give traders an idea of what the professionals think about a particular stock or other assets. These ratings can provide invaluable insight into potential trading opportunities.

Technical analysis tools

Saxo Bank’s technical analysis tools help traders identify market trends and make informed trade decisions. These tools include chart patterns, trendlines and indicators such as Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands that help traders evaluate price movements in order to make smarter trading decisions.

What types of accounts do they offer?

Demo account

Saxo Bank offers a free demo account with virtual funds, allowing traders to practice trading and test strategies before committing real money.

Live accounts

Saxo Bank has multiple live accounts for customers who want to start trading with real money.

Standard account

The standard account is suitable for retail traders and doesn’t require a high minimum deposit. It offers variable spreads, which can be higher than what you find with other brokers.

Corporate account

The corporate account is suitable for those who are trading on behalf of a corporation or trades for a living. It offers a professional-grade platform and tighter spreads. This type of account is ideal for experienced traders looking for lower trading costs and access to more advanced features, such as guaranteed stop-loss orders.

Professional Investor account

The professional investor account offers a professional-grade platform and even tighter spreads, with no trading restrictions. This type of account is ideal for expert traders looking for access to sophisticated features, an even wider product range, and fewer trading limitations.

Margin lending account

The margin lending account offers traders an increased purchasing power and greater savings on trading costs for stocks and ETFs. This type of account is perfect for advanced traders who want to participate in the stock market with low commissions and high leverage.

What features does Saxo Bank offer to benefit traders?

Saxo Bank provides traders with various features designed to make trading more accessible and efficient. Its platform offers advanced charting tools, real-time news updates and sophisticated risk management tools.

Advanced charting tools

Saxo Bank’s charting tools allow traders to analyze data quickly and accurately, giving them the ability to make informed decisions when trading. The platform also offers customizable chart types and indicators to help traders identify potential opportunities better.

Real-time news updates

The broker provides real-time news updates worldwide, allowing traders to stay up-to-date on market developments. This feature is handy for those trading in volatile markets such as forex or cryptocurrencies.

Sophisticated risk management tools

Saxo Bank has a range of sophisticated risk management tools designed to help traders manage their positions effectively. These include limit orders, stop losses, trailing stops, and more. Using these tools, traders can limit their risks while taking advantage of potential market opportunities.

Comprehensive customer support

Saxo Bank provides comprehensive customer service, including email and live chat support. The team is eager to answer traders’ queries about the platform and services.


Saxo Bank offers secure trading solutions compliant with the highest industry standards. The broker also provides an extra layer of protection for traders’ funds with its segregated accounts, ensuring their money is safe and secure.


Saxo Bank is a well-respected online broker providing financial services to traders since 1992. It offers a wide range of features designed to make trading more accessible and efficient, including research tools, technical analysis tools, various account types and sophisticated risk management tools. Saxo Bank also provides comprehensive customer service and security measures to protect clients’ funds.

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