Strategic crooks target Campbell Industrial businesses

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Businesses owners at Campbell Industrial Park said they’re aware of the risk of being in an isolated area, but add that suspects in recent burglaries have been plotting their plans.

Vincent Nihipali Jr. owner of V&C Drywall Contractors, which is a family-owned business in Campbell Industrial Park said they were targeted by two burglars Sunday night.

He added that it’s troubling knowing it all started just 15 minutes after he left for the day.

“I was here till 6:30 and 6:45 is when they came and cut the lockbox so obviously, they’re watching me,” said Nihipali.

After reviewing surveillance footage, Nihipali said the burglars left with his lockbox and then returned several times.

Nihipali said they threw a brick at his window and attempted to steal and a boat.

They managed to get into Nihipali’s tenant’s business leaving their door handle in pieces and taking several items including a computer.

“People like this just make it even tougher for a family business, or anybody in general, that’s affected by something like this,” said Nihipali. “And it’s just unfortunate.” Nihipali believes the burglars and their truck matches this post from Stolen Stuff Hawaii.

Surveillance footage shows two individuals in fluorescent-colored long sleeves attempting to get into vacant property, which is right around the corner from Nihipali’s business.

“It’s spread out, and there’s not much activity of security or cops that maybe come rolling around,” said Nihipali. “They do come you know, we see them.”

“But, you know, these thieves, they got something going where they just seem to time everything right.”

Tammy Figueroa is the project coordinator of Metropolitan Painting.

She said they were burglarized nearly three weeks ago at around 3:30 in the morning.

Some of their employees’ toolboxes were stolen and three of their trucks were damaged.

“We actually have a roving guard that rovers this gate and it seems like it happened in between the times that he wove in,” said Figueroa. “So, I think he’s being watched.”

Nihipali and Figueroa said there’s been other businesses recently hit by burglars in Campbell Industrial Park.

“We need to get together, figure out what we need to do and come together in some kind of community patrol,” said Figueroa.

Hawaii News Now reached out to HPD for more details on the cases and are waiting to hear back.

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