Group-500 Review – Is Group-500 A Suitable Choice For You Or Not?

Group-500 Review – Is Group-500 A Suitable Choice For You Or Not?

Group-500 Review

You are currently reading a review about Group-500, a broker that has managed to experience a significant rise in popularity as of late. There are good reasons for this too, as it is often hard to know which brokers these days are scams and which ones are legitimate. With that in mind, this Group-500 review will be informing you about all you need to know about this broker and its respective features and services, and whether it is a suitable choice for you as your preferred broker.

Account types

When you browse through various brokers, you would note the existence of different account types. These account options are of great use because they offer increased accessibility to all traders regardless of personal experience and previously attained knowledge (or lack thereof). In this way, everyone can begin trading as there would not be a need to worry about having to know each aspect of online trading prior to getting started.

As per our observations, Group-500 has a total of five account types, ranging from beginner to advanced (more accurately, from ‘basic’ to ‘VIP’). The basic type is ‘Silver’, and in order to use this option you must first make a $10,000 deposit. Of course, this price may seem quite steep, and you would be absolutely right in thinking this way as other brokers offer costs that can be as low as just $100. However, as is often the case with investing, the more money you put into something the more you stand to get out of it, and so even though the initial deposit cost is high you are nevertheless presented with the opportunity to receive enormous profits from it. Furthermore, there is the ‘signature’ account which is normally used by veteran traders, and lastly the VIP option that is only available to those that are personally invited by Group-500.

Withdrawals and deposits

Naturally, traders would want to withdraw and deposit funds as quickly as possible, which can prove difficult if the broker of your choice does not support payment methods of your own personal preference. This is why Group-500 has made it possible to pay with most debit and credit cards, bank transfers, as well as e-wallet services.

Moreover, there are no separate charges when it comes to Group-500, which include fees relating to withdrawals or commissions, thereby making this broker highly cost-effective.


Having to deal with the numerous complexities associated with online trading can be bad enough, but also dealing with a needlessly complicated registration process can just make things even worse. In the case of you being a new and unexperienced trader, you are additionally bound to experience anxieties and paranoia as you want to make sure that you do not divulge your private and sensitive information to the wrong people.

With Group-500 though, traders are provided with a direct, straightforward and simple registration form that is easy to use and understand. All you would have to do is fill out whatever information is required (which we found to be not all that much) and any particularly sensitive information can be entered later if you are not comfortable with filling it in straight away.


A broker understandably needs to have strong security measures put in place to deter hackers, scammers and so on, in addition to ensuring that no illegal activities take place. Group-500 uses the latest security software, tools and systems to ensure that no harm will come to its user-base, and we are happy to note that despite having to enter some sensitive information during the registration process, nothing bad has happened to the traders thus far.


To summarize, Group-500 offers everything you might need to be successful when trading online. We noticed that it has successfully maintained a high quality regarding all of its services, features, and overall performance. It also has an amazing 24/5 customer support team ready to help you out with any and all problems if need be. If you want the total trading experience, then Group-500 is undoubtedly for you.

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