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Dayana Jones

The Business Honors Program at Cal State Fullerton hosted an Industry Insiders Zoom meeting on March 17 to provide attendees with knowledge and advice from College of Business and Economics alumni. The meeting went from 6-7:30 p.m. and Kyrstin Huxtable was the moderator of the event.

The alumni offered advice to nearly 60 attendees. Huxtable asked each of the three alumni four broad questions about their careers.

Alumni in attendance were Tiffany Chow, a health and benefits consulting analyst at Mercer, Vatche Kasakian, a senior at Ernst and Young, Candace Newman, CEO and founder of Live Out L!ve and also a live music touring executive, and Cuatémoe Martinez, a content marketing strategist for global figures.

One of the biggest pieces of advice that all of the alumni agreed on was that when students start out at a new business, they should be as proactive as possible when searching for and interacting with mentors.

“As we mentioned before, the live music industry is heavy on relationships — I can’t stress that enough,” Newman said. “It’s a relationship-based business, the music industry overall is relationship based, but live music industry, specifically, you’re going out on the road, you’re going to become a community and family with people for a long period of time, sometimes months at a time.”

Kasakian added that students should also ensure they are thinking creatively to solve issues and suggest solutions to problems.

“You always need to present some sort of out-of-the-box thinking to a manager or a senior manager rather than telling them ‘Hey, there’s this issue, can you figure it out for me,’” Kasakian said.

Kasakian said that it’s important to never burn bridges in the business industry. Chow reminded students that the competitive world is a lot smaller than many like to think.

“The world gets pretty small and smaller, because everyone stays in the same type of industry,” Chow said. “So if you pivot to a different competitor, you probably might see that same person again.”

Martinez also emphasized the importance of finding work that is important to you as well as doing work that will help you with other projects you may be dreaming up down the line.

“So, my biggest advice here is do work that matters and is relevant and strategically impactful in your projects. Don’t make it fluffy, just make it short — impactful,” Martinez said. “And I would say that’s going to help you in marketing in the real world.”

Attendees were able to join breakout rooms to ask the panelists questions before the meeting concluded.

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